European Programmes

“Horizon 2020”, “Creative Europe”, “Cosme”, “Erasmus +” and other lines of financing managed by the Directorates-General and Agencies of the European Commission integrate the scope of European investment in priority areas.


The European Commission has developed financial mechanisms suited to meet the needs of Academia and industry and to promote transnational and national projects with high potential.Eupportunity helps companies in the preparation of applications for these intra-European financing programmes, such as Cosme (under the supervision of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), Creative Europe and Erasmus + (European Agency for Education, Audiovisuals and Culture) and, most importantly, Horizon 2020 (under the Directorate-General of Research and Innovation) which has the largest financial envelope granted by Brussels to research and innovation. 


The promotion of a successful participation in these applications has four distinct phases:

  • Anticipation of opportunities, through the monitoring of topics related to the strategic priorities of the client;
  • Preparation of a solid and successful proposal, drawing up a market analysis with the identification of potential partners for each project;
  • Plan for presenting the company to partners with high potential;
  • Drawing up of the application to be presented to the European Commission, with the corresponding follow-up.